PC Solutions

PC's are everywhere these days, unfortunately PC experts are not.

If your computer is running slow due to unwanted pop-ups, spyware, or viruses, contact me and I'll be happy to take a look and not just resolve the problem but provide you with the tools and education you need to help prevent the issue from happening again.

Did your system go to sleep and not wake up?
Did something go *ZzzTT, PZzzt, ZAP*?
Did your 3 year old daughter feed it a sandwich?
Has it taking up a smoking habit?
With any luck you'll only need an inexpensive part
and not a complete replacement.

Let's setup a home wireless network.
Move those pictures from your cell phone to
your computer and to the internet.
Let me show you how to watch movies from your PC on your TV.
Contact me today and let me make technology work for you.

I've been at this for over 10 years putting my services to work at companies like Honda, Morgan Stanley, Nationwide, and Giant Eagle.
You can call me a geek if you like, or we can keep things
strictly professional and by the book.
But I'd much rather drop the formalities and treat you like a friend.
I don't treat people how I want to be treated.
I treat people how they want to be treated